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Wood & Steel Siding

Wood siding is available in various forms as either planks or shingles. It is a well-known siding material much desired for its unique aesthetic although less durable than many of the other siding options. Steel or metal siding is another popular siding option that is widely reputed for its versatility and long-lasting performance. Whether you need installation or repair of wood and metal siding in Fargo, ND, Fargo Siding Company is the one to call.
Benefits of Wood Siding
The main factor that has accounted for the popularity of wood as a siding material is its appearance. In fact, many of the other siding options come in a variety of finishes that are designed specifically to mimic the unique appearance of wood. There are several options for wood siding materials giving you a variety to choose from. Redwood and cedar are the most popular choice because they are durable but there are other wood siding options as well. They can be installed as shingles, planks, clapboard, or lap sidings.
Limitations of Wood Siding
The major limitation of wood siding is in its maintenance. Wood is a high maintenance material that is susceptible to cracking, warping, fading, rotting, and insect damage. To reduce the risk of any of these damages, wood requires all-year maintenance. Although wood siding typically stands up well against weather damage, it is not the strongest siding material to protect your home against mother nature. But with proper maintenance, you should still be able to get some years of use out of ou wood siding.
Metal Siding Installation
Steel or metal siding, in general, are fast becoming a popular siding option for residential and commercial buildings although it is in commercial projects that metal siding really shines. Metal comes in a variety of trendy options. Very few siding materials can match steel siding in terms of longevity and it requires very minimal maintenance as well. For a modern and industrial-style siding style, metal is your top choice. Steel siding can be installed as a horizontal or vertical siding installation
How Much Do Wood and metal Siding Cost?

There are different wood siding varieties and the cost of installation depends largely on the material used. Wood is generally cheaper than cement fiber and some other siding materials. Generally, redwood and cedar are the most expensive type of wood siding installation mainly because they are more durable and attractive. The installation cost of wood is also lower than that of other siding material types. You can expect to spend between $1 to $5 on a wooden siding installation. However, although the upfront cost of installing wood siding is lower, you will have to spend more on repairs and maintenance in the long run. The average cost of metal siding installation is about $4 to $8 per square foot for steel siding. Aluminum siding installation is slightly cheaper at about $3 to $6 per square foot. Steel and aluminum are low maintenance and energy-efficient siding options with lots of other benefits as siding installation for your home or commercial building.