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Vinyl Siding

Vinyl is arguably the most popular material used in siding installations. Most homeowners and experts agree that vinyl siding is one of the best choices as far as siding installation is concerned for several reasons. Before vinyl become popular and widely adopted, most homes had aluminum siding. Today, vinyl has risen to dominance mainly because it is cheaper, low maintenance, and quite durable. Vinyl continues to dominate the market as the most versatile siding material. 
Benefits Of Vinyl Siding 
The low cost of installation and repairs is one of the main things that has contributed to the popularity of vinyl siding. This material is also quite durable and there are several styles and color choices. This makes vinyl a very versatile siding material that can be used to achieve various designs. Unlike other siding materials, vinyl is less prone to rot or peeling. This makes it a low-maintenance option guaranteed to last longer than many of the other materials. Most people also love the fact that it is environmentally friendly. 
Vinyl Limitations 
Despite being such as impressive siding material, vinyl still has its limitations. It is important to weigh these limitations against the advantages of making vinyl your choice of siding material. Compared to other materials, vinyl is not water-tight. Also, while it is typically quite durable, vinyl can fade, causing it to lose its attractive appearance with time. Vinyl siding does not do well under stress. During storms, fires, or other stressful conditions, vinyl siding is likely to bend, crack or melt more easily compared to other materials 
Vinyl Styling Options 
Vinyl is a very versatile material and this is one of the many reasons why it has become quite popular. It can be styled in different ways to give your roof and entire building a unique appearance. Vinyl styling options include beaded seam, board, batten, smooth, or shingles. Vinyl siding also comes in a wide range of color varieties from the usual color shade to a unique color option like the semi-transparent finish. All of these styling options create a variety of design possibilities when you use vinyl material. You can speak to our experts to discuss and choose the design styling options that will be most suitable for your property. 
Insulated Vinyl Siding 
This is an innovative siding solution that takes vinyl siding to a whole new level. Insulated vinyl siding offers the additional benefit of thermal insulation. This way, you not only enjoy the low maintenance and beautiful styling options of regular vinyl material, but you also get additional insulation for your home. This helps to reduce the energy cost in your home. An insulated vinyl siding also has noise reduction capabilities. Therefore, your home will be quieter when you have it installed. It is also more rigid and durable compared to regular vinyl siding. You can speak to our vinyl siding installation experts to discover if insulated vinyl siding will be a great choice for your needs.