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James Hardie Fiber Cement Board Siding

Fiber cement siding is widely reputed as one of the most durable of all siding materials. This fiber cement material is produced by Jamie Hardie and comes in a variety of styling and texture options. This type of siding material is made from a combination of cement, sand, and water and is fast becoming one of the most popular siding materials in the country. When installed correctly, James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding can last for as much as 30 to 50 years with little or no need for maintenance. 
Types Of James Hardie Siding
James Hardie offers a variety of siding products with different aesthetics and designs. So there is always something for every homeowner. The most popular line of this product is the HardiePlank Lap Siding available in different textures and appearances. There is also the HardieShingle siding designed to mimic the appearance of cedar shakes but without the risk of rotting, splitting, or cracking associated with this cedar shakes siding. Other lines of siding materials from James Hardie include the HardiePanel Vertical, HardieTrim Boards, HardieSoffit Pre-Cut Panels, and Artisan by James Hardie.
Why You Should Install James Hardie Fiber Cement 
James Hardie Fiber cement is considered one of the most durable siding materials. They are highly resistant to fires, extreme weather conditions, termites, moisture, and other elements that typically affect and destroy other siding materials. They are built to be quite durable and are widely reputed as a maintenance-free siding option. They are equally very attractive, guaranteed to increase the curb appeal of your home. A lot of James Hardie material can mimic the beauty of wooden sidings without the stress of maintenance required to keep wood in good condition. 
Limitations Of James Hardie Board Siding Installation
Despite the durability and versatility of this siding material, it isn’t without some limitations. Fiber cement is a heavy material. Hence is it quite difficult to install. The difficulty installation accounts partly for the high cost of installing this type of siding. Also, while the fiber cement siding can last for 30 years or more and requires little to no maintenance at all, the finish does not last as long. You will have to repaint the siding once in a while to maintain and restore its appearance. 
Reliable James Hardie Siding Contractor In Fargo, North Dakota
Like all other siding types, what determines how much you enjoy your James Hardie siding is the installation. While these heavy fiber cement blocks are built to be durable, there is a level of expertise required to get the best result. We are a proud installer of James Hardie fiber cement siding in Fargo, North Dakota. We offer comprehensive James Hardie siding installation services that follow the manufacturer’s instruction and our team of seasoned contractors have extensive experience with handling the various lines of James Hardie product. We will attach the materials the right way and ensure everything is properly fitted into place to ensure the integrity of your installation.